Combi Seal (Foam Block) S90, S120

Mixed penetration seal for rigid walls, rigid floors and flexible walls.

Fire resistance class S90, S120.

Approved penetrating elements:

  • Sheathed electrical cables, telecommunication cables, optical fibre cables
  • Tied cable bundles
  • Non-sheathed electical cables
  • Individual linesof steel or plastic conduit
  • Cable support systems
  • Plastic conduits
  • Flammable pipes
  • Non-flammable pipes of steel, steinless steel, cast steel and copper

Fire Protection Joint

Fire Protection Joint with movement capability 25%
up to EI 120.

Line-shaped joint seal or fire barrier for temporary or permanent maintenance of fire resistance in linear columns / joints within solid wall constructions and ceilings in solid construction or where they connect to other wall / ceiling / roof structures provided.