Expert with Expertise

Fire protection requirements are reflected in a variety of laws, regulations and technical rules.

The business is complex and the risk for those involved in the planning is high.

Previously omitted and now subsequently to be measures have a significant impact on the planning, execution and thus on the costs. Not infrequently, such circumstances bring planned construction projects to fail.

Our goal is to plan a fire protection system that is feasible and implemented in practice and offers the highest possible safety. Efficiency and the integration into the operating process are as important to us as the fulfillment of the protection goals formulated by the laws and regulations.

Protection of life and health

Prevention of emergence of fires and the spread of fire and smoke

Enabling the rescue of man and animal, as well as effective unloading operations

Our office offers a comprehensive fire protection technical assistance and accompaniment. 

Here we focus primarily on the AHO (Issue 17 performance image and fees for fire protection): 

LP 1 Basic evaluation

LP 2 Preliminary planning

LP 3 Design planning 

LP 4 Approval planning

LP 5 Implementation planning

LP 6 Preparation of the award

LP 7 Participation in the award 

LP 8 Construction supervision

LP 9 Documentation